Integrated Mentoring Program and Core Training (IMPACT)

IMPACT Peer Leaders

The IMPACT program prepares undergraduates for peer leadership positions in WISCIENCE programs and courses. Single-day training retreats and a semester-long Exploring Discipline-Based Leadership course provide multiple options to suit student availability. 

In addition to building practical peer leadership and mentoring skills, the program provides a forum for evaluating and reflecting on personal experiences among a group of peers who challenge and learn from each other as they explore leadership. Ativities are designed to develop critical thinking around student development issues and provide strategies for integrating discussions of diversity, ethics, social justice, community, and civic responsibility into leadership experiences.

Peer leadership opportunities include:

  • Exploring Biology course peer leaders, who help with discussion sections of this first-year course
  • STEM Bootcamp leaders, who help introduce incoming first-year students to campus and college-level STEM
  • Science education peer leaders, who assist with the Engage Children in Science service learning course
  • Undergraduate Research Peer Mentors, who hold drop-in hours in the BioCommons to mentor undergraduates thinking about getting involved in undergraduate research
  • BioCommons Ambassadors, advanced leaders who provide information & referral services and create student programming for the BioCommons at Steenbock Library

Some positions have prerequisites, and some require regular meetings or class attendance. Most involve a semester-long commitment. Peer leaders are matched with appropriate opportunities at the completion of training.

Application Process

Applications are solicited in the spring for the next academic year. Students can apply online from this page when the application process is open.