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  • A Public Service Fellow’s projects has been integrated into an initiative at the governor’s office

    WISCIENCE Public Service Fellow Adrian George partnered with the Policy & Engagement Coordinator at the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to develop a strategy for the identification of risk and disproportionate impacts of pollution and climate change for communities in Wisconsin. They researched other states’ approaches to environmental justice screening and analyzed Wisconsin’s existing data to write a proposal recommending a methodology to be used to best approach these environmental impacts on a large-scale initiative in Wisconsin.

  • Fall 2021 Research-Related Resources

    Research Peer Leader Drop-in Hours, Find a Mentor Workshops, and More

  • Funding for Undergraduate Research

    Tips on how to find funding for your undergraduate research.

  • Share Your Research

    Becoming part of the scientific community involves not only conducting research but also communicating about it effectively. Writing about research, talking about it, summarizing it, and creating posters and other visual presentations about it are …

  • Types of Undergraduate Research

    This resource shares tips on what you can gain from an undergraduate research experience.

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