Advancing Inclusive STEM Education for All

At WISCIENCE, the Wisconsin Institute for Science Education and Community Engagement, we build and support communities of STEM learners, leaders, and practitioners. We deliver courses and programs in STEM disciplines that develop knowledge and skills for success in STEM; build STEM identities and confidence; provide professional development and engagement opportunities in teaching, community engagement, leadership, and research in STEM.

We foster inclusivity in STEM through initiatives and programs that support diverse populations at all stages of training and levels of exposure to STEM. We lead and collaborate on local and national efforts to improve STEM education by developing and disseminating evidence-based programs, curricula, resources, and other scholarly products.

What We Offer

Programs and Courses

Programs and Courses

Our programs and courses provide opportunities for STEM students to engage in research, teaching, service, and leadership.

Resources and Services

Resources and Services

We provide services and resources across and beyond campus to STEM learners, educators, and mentors. 

Connections and Collaborations


We are increasing the reach and impact of STEM programs and courses through partnerships between WISCIENCE and other programs on and beyond campus.

Gifts to WISCIENCE are made through the University of Wisconsin Foundation.


Focus Areas

Community Engagement Professional Development

These WISCIENCE programs and courses provide public service learning experiences that build science literacy for undergraduate and graduate students.

Leadership Professional Development

These WISCIENCE leadership programs and courses help students develop leadership knowledge and skills through the personal and professional development of themselves and others.

Research Professional Development

These courses and programs provide exploration into research on campus, professional development for students as they prepare for research careers, and provides consultations to support research mentor and mentee training in STEM across campus.

STEM Student Support

These WISCIENCE courses and programs are designed to benefit diverse populations of first-year or novice STEM undergraduate students.

Teaching Professional Development

These WISCIENCE professional development programs and courses are for graduate students and postdocs designed to improve teaching and mentoring in science.

WISCIENCE Collaborative Activities

WISCIENCE involves multiple partners, programs, and staff to increase the impact and access of STEM programming.


  • Our programs and courses provide opportunities for STEM students to engage in mentorship, teaching, service, and leadership.
  • Our STEM courses and programs promote diversity in STEM, educational innovation, engaged scholarship, outreach and collaboration.
  • Our courses fulfill degree requirements, count towards the campus leadership certificate, and offer valuable preparation towards STEM careers. 
  • Students in our courses benefit from being part of a learning community, small class sizes, interactions with peer leaders, and getting connected to resources and opportunities.

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