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Our STEM courses and programs promote diversity in STEM, educational innovation, engaged scholarship, outreach and collaboration.

Community Engagement Professional Development

These WISCIENCE programs and courses provide public service-learning experiences that build science literacy for undergraduate and graduate students. Our programs and courses develop participants’ skills, knowledge, and confidence as a STEM learner and future professionals.



Leadership Professional Development

These WISCIENCE leadership programs and courses help students develop leadership knowledge and skills through the personal and professional development of themselves and others.



Research Professional Development

These courses and programs provide exploration into research on campus, professional development for undergraduate students as they prepare for graduate school and research careers, and provide consultations to support research mentor and mentee training in STEM for departments and programs across campus.




STEM Student Support

These WISCIENCE courses and programs are designed to benefit diverse populations of first-year or novice STEM undergraduate students.



Teaching Professional Development

These WISCIENCE professional development programs and courses are for graduate students and postdocs designed to improve teaching and mentoring in science.



Resources and Services

WISCIENCE has a goal to lead and collaborate on local and national efforts to improve STEM education by developing and disseminating evidence-based programs, curricula, resources, and other scholarly products.

A collection of resources created by various WISCIENCE faculty, staff, students, peer leaders, and ambassadors for campus use.

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WISCIENCE faculty and staff publications.

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If you’ve got a goal, a question, a classroom issue, an idea, or just a desire to keep growing as an educator, we’d love to hear about it. If we don’t already have resources and programming that will help get you where you want to go, we’ll collaborate with you to create something new.

WISCIENCE offers consulting, events, projects, resources, and learning communities tailored to your particular needs and interests.  You can…

  • Collaborate across disciplines on curriculum, technology, and other projects
  • Get inspired by the energy and curiosity of first-year students
  • Mentor the next generation of researchers
  • Find resources to help you use data from your classroom to improve outcomes
  • Get connected to education research and resources in your discipline

Get Started:

  • Contact us for individualized consulting.
  • Visit us at the University Educators Resource Center at 445 Henry Mall, Room 118.

Connections and Collaborations

Our connections and collaborations increase the reach and impact of STEM programs and courses through partnerships on and beyond campus.

WISCIENCE Connections and Collaborations

We are increasing the reach and impact of STEM programs and courses through partnerships between WISCIENCE and other programs on and beyond campus.

Integrated Initiatives: involve multiple WISCIENCE partners, programs, and staff.

Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Inclusive Excellence: Beyond Access to Success is an initiative to create flexible pathways to STEM degrees for transfer students in Wisconsin. A comprehensive 2-year to 4-year transfer model program and policy changes are in development to transform the way UW System universities and Wisconsin Technical Colleges prepare and support STEM transfer students for success. Visit the Beyond Access to Success project page to learn more.

Connections and Collaborations: 

        • ARIS/ CASIR
        • AISL – Broader Impacts Project
        • APSI – Biology
        • Science Alliance
        • Research Mentor & Mentee Training Presentations & Consultations
        • Inclusive Teaching
        • LTER/Citizen Science
        • PEOPLE
        • Wisconsin Scientific Teaching Design Institute

About BioCommons

BioCommons is a collaboration with WISCIENCE and Steenbock Library to build community for STEM students. BioCommons offers a gathering space on the lower level of Steenbock Library that helps make it easier for students to navigate and find their place in the STEM landscape. Units across campus that serve STEM students can also bring services and events to students here.

You can find:

  • events that get you involved beyond the classroom, exploring careers, and connecting with peers
  • peer leaders who’ve been there and can give you the real story
  • advising and other services (without having to make multiple trips across campus)
  • information about opportunities and tips for taking advantage of them

It’s a place to go when you’re not sure where to start.

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About BioHouse

The BioHouse residential learning community is a partnership between WISCIENCE and University Housing. The community was officially launched in Fall 2014 as UW-Madison’s 10th residential learning community.

Visit the official BioHouse web page.

Learn more about the BioHouse Seminar for first-year students.

The Vision

Approximately 25% of incoming students at UW–Madison are interested in studying the biological sciences—more than 1500 students each year. The first year of study can be difficult, with foundational courses like math and chemistry, and students may not take a biology course until their second semester or even their second year. BioHouse is designed to help students get a more integrated picture of their studies, understand how math and chemistry are relevant to biology, and see how they can make a difference in the world as biologists. Seeing the bigger picture, as well as connecting with faculty and creating a support network, can help students retain their enthusiasm and build confidence as young scientists.

BioHouse residents live on the same floor of a campus dormitory, and they work, play, study, and explore opportunities in biology together. Biology-themed social activities help build camaraderie, and a one-credit seminar course helps students appreciate the interdisciplinary nature of cutting-edge bioscience research, learn about career opportunities, and chart an exciting learning pathway at UW–Madison. Students address Grand Challenges in biology using an exploration of the five “foundation stones” of the discipline (evolution, structure and function, information dynamics, energy and matter dynamics, and systems) and learn about the centrality of biologiy in addressing global challenges around human health, biosphere health, food and fiber security, and energy security.

Scientific Learning Communities at UW–Madison

With the addition of BioHouse, there is now a trio of UW–Madison learning communities available to students interested in science. GreenHouse focuses on environmental sustainability, WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) fosters leadership in young women scientists and engineers, and BioHouse serves students across the biological sciences.

For more information about UW–Madison’s residential learning communities, visit housing.wisc.edu/.

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