Integrated Science 660: Research Mentor Training

Course Number: INTEGSCI 660

Credits: 1

Fulfills Requirements:

  • Prerequisite toward the Delta Certificate: Learning Community


  • Students wishing to take Research Mentor Training for credit must be mentoring a student as part of the seminar


  • Research Mentor Training seminars for graduate students and postdocs are offered every semester by Delta. Please visit the Delta website to find a current section.

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Offered fall, spring, summer

Mentor training can make the difference between a mutually beneficial and productive mentoring relationship and one that’s draining for the mentor and discouraging for the mentee. Research Mentor Training, based on a nationally recognized curriculum, gives you space to reflect and reinvigorate and provides concrete tools to support a successful mentor/mentee relationship. The curriculum is designed for graduate students, postdocs, and senior undergraduates who are mentoring an undergraduate researcher. The seminar can be taken for one credit or no credit (for-credit option requires having a mentee). Faculty-only sections are available separately.

  • Explore multiple strategies for effective mentoring with case studies, discussions, and readings
  • Compare mentor and mentee goals, and craft a statement of your mentoring philosophy
  • Explore time-management strategies, and discuss relevant issues as they come up
  • Collaborate and problem-solve with a group of peers


Part of the
Wisconsin Program for Scientific Teaching
Offered in collaboration
with the Delta program


Amber Smith

Credentials: Ph.D.

Position title: Associate Director of WISCIENCE