Integrated Science 640: Public Service in STEM

Course Number: INTEGSCI 640

Credits: 1

Fulfills Requirements: 

  • Grad 50% – Counts toward 50% graduate coursework requirements


  • Consent of instructor

Instructor: Anna Courtier, PhD

Discusses the fundamentals of public service and civic engagement in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) disciplines grounded in evidence-based knowledge and research. Provides an overview of the core pathways of public service, the knowledge required to effectively initiate and cultivate community partnerships, and the skills necessary to reflect upon personal experiences with community engagement activities. Fosters understanding of the broader impacts in STEM fields and prepares students to begin specializing in a specific pathway and develop relationships with a community partner. This course is required for Public Service Fellows program participants.


Anna Courtier

Credentials: Ph.D.

Position title: Director of Community-Based Learning