Faculty Research Mentor Training

Spring 2022 Sections: Coming soon

Interested in bringing Research Mentor Training to your program or department? Contact Amber Smith (amber.smith@wisc.edu) to learn about workshop offerings.

Mentor training can make the difference between a mutually beneficial, productive mentoring relationship and one that is draining for the mentor and discouraging for the mentee.

This seminar will help you:

  • Explore mentoring strategies through case studies, discussions, readings
  • Develop a mentor-mentee agreement
  • Learn helpful time-management strategies
  • Discuss mentoring issues as they come up
  • Collaborate and problem-solve with a group of peers
  • Reflect on your mentoring philosophy

Interested in taking the seminar, but the current times don’t work? Fill out this interest form and we’ll let you know about future offerings.


Amber Smith

Credentials: Ph.D.

Position title: Associate Director of WISCIENCE, Director of Research Mentor and Mentee Training

Email: amber.smith@wisc.edu