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Transfer STEM Immersion

Get integrated into the STEM community at UW Madison!

Gain valuable insights into the multitude of STEM resources on campus


Prepare for STEM academic success


Receive information on campus labs and careers


Network with faculty and advisors


Explore Majors in the STEM Immersion STEM community

If you don’t see your intended major here please contact us.

Student Testimonials

Greg Francis – STEM Immersion 2017

WISCIENCE’s STEM Immersion was an essential part of my transition into college. The program directed me to STEM resources available on campus, provided me with the opportunity to connect with established science professionals, and pushed me to build relationships with like-minded STEM majors. As a rising sophomore, my STEM immersion experience has surely left a lasting, positive mark on my professional and personal life.


Jenny Day- STEM Immersion 2014 (Madbio)

STEM Immersion made my transition to college exceptionally smooth by helping me acclimate to campus and giving me the information necessary to navigate STEM spaces. Beyond my first year, the program has continued to provide me with community support and growth and leadership opportunities by becoming a STEM Immersion Leader and eventually Student coordinator. I have made friends and connections through this program that will stay with me long after I graduate.



Program Mission

Mission:  STEM Immersion (S.I) transforms lives by facilitating the transition of new students into the institution offering opportunities and experiences to discover, engage and integrate into the intellectual, cultural, and social facets of the STEM community at UW-Madison.


STEM Immersion (S.I.) is committed to:

· Welcoming and serving populations of students who traditionally struggle with the transition to college (e.g. first-generation college students and those from underrepresented groups).

· Encouraging excitement about the breadth and interdisciplinary nature of STEM and STEM careers.

· Building community around students’ STEM academic interests (reinforce and expand communities with periodic gatherings throughout the first year).

· Preparing students for STEM academic success: learning skills, academic support resources, high impact learning experiences, degree planning.


Inform students about the institution’s history, traditions, and culture related to STEM.

Inform new students about the availability of institutional services and programs.

Create an environment for intentional opportunities for new students to interact with fellow new students as well as continuing students, faculty, staff members, and local community.

Provide information about the physical/virtual layout of campus, including physical layout of campus, including the location and purposes of campus facilities, support series, co-curricular venues, and administrative offices.

Introduce students to the learning and development opportunities that will occur throughout the collegiate experience.

Program Logistics

Transfer STEM Immersion takes place alongside STEM Immersion because many of the sessions are helpful for both populations. Sessions not relevant to transfer students are replaced by smaller group sessions that are relevant. The schedule for Transfer STEM Immersion is also more flexible to accomodate jobs, family life etc.

Day 1: Wisconsin Experience

This day will build on the introduction that students have already had on the Wisconsin Experience through SOAR or other programs. Connecting to the campus and getting involved can make a drastic difference in students success and happiness during their time here.

Day 2: College Experience

This day will focus on how learning and living at UW-Madison are different from community college, 2-year institutions, or other UW system schools. Students will get the chance to connect with transfer advisors and learn strategies for success in common STEM courses.

Day 3: Discipline Experience

STEM covers a vast number of disciplines and the program has participants from an equally vast number of majors. This day aims to give participants a taste of what their intended field of study might look like throughout their time here with discipline specific activities and mock lectures.

Day 4: Looking Forward

Sessions on this day will help students explore career paths and provide information about how to prepare for careers while still in college. Students will get a chance to network with faculty researchers in a casual lunch setting.

Program History 

The STEM Immersion Transfer Orientation program was adapted from the highly successful STEM Immersion (SI) orientation for first-year students. Like the original SI, the SI Transfer orientation will build community introduce students to the academic and social resources that are available to support their success.


Samantha Blanke

Dietetics (Pre-Med / Optometry)

Ritika Punathil- Transfer Student Coordinator

Animal Science with Environmental Studies certificate


Henry Benchimol- Transfer Student Coordinator

Animal Science with Environmental Studies certificate

Chloe Kirk - Student Coordinator

Molecular Biology and Legal Studies with Criminal Justice certificate

Ryan Martinez - Student Coordinator

Computer Engineering and Computer Science

Ashaleigh Worrel - Student Coordinator

Chemical Engineering