Meet Ellie Holzhausen, Scientific Teaching Fellows Alum

Ellie Holzhausen was a Scientific Teaching Fellow in 2019 while pursuing a PhD in epidemiology in the Department of Population Health Sciences. She is currently a postdoc at the University of Colorado Boulder. In her free time, she loves getting outdoors, especially hiking or cycling.

What was your favorite part of the Scientific Teaching Fellow program?

My favorite part of being a Fellow was getting to know the students in Exploring Biology and getting hands-on teaching experience during the course.

What was one of the most valuable things you learned as a Fellow? 

During my time as a Fellow, I learned evidence-based practices for inclusive, effective teaching that I incorporate into my daily tasks as a postdoc. This not only includes teaching, but also preparing manuscripts and presentations.

How have you applied the skills and knowledge from this program in your career?

Although I don’t do much formal teaching in my current role, I find myself applying active learning and inclusive teaching skills into presentations and seminars, which I feel has made me a more engaging, better speaker.

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