Share Your Research

Becoming part of the scientific community involves not only conducting research but also communicating about it effectively. Writing about research, talking about it, summarizing it, and creating posters and other visual presentations about it are valuable skills that you may need to take extra initiative beyond the classroom to learn.

A great opportunity for undergraduates to gain these skills is the Undergraduate Symposium, an annual UW–Madison event at which students in all fields present research and other work to each other and the UW–Madison community. Each participant has a mentor, and targeted workshops are also available to help you polish your skills. You can learn how to:

  • Write an abstract
  • Create an effective poster and/or other visual presentation
  • Develop a short talk about your research
  • Discuss your research with people who are unfamiliar with your field

These skills are not only useful in informing others about your research, they can also help you become a better interdisciplinary collaborator, as well as help you present yourself and your ideas in a job interview or an application to a graduate or professional school.