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Transfer STEM Immersion

Transfer STEM Immersion is offered by WISCIENCE, the Wisconsin Institute for Science Education and Community Engagement, at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. It is designed to help incoming transfer students who are first-generation and underrepresented students majoring in a STEM field transition from their 2-year institutions into college life at UW–Madison. Over the course of 4 full days in August and events during the academic year, students become immersed in the expectations of life as a STEM student at UW-Madison, gain useful knowledge about the campus, and build support networks to help ensure success in student life and in academics. Open to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics disciplines, Transfer STEM Immersion offers participants an immersive orientation opportunity.

2022 Transfer STEM Immersion will take place online on August 18, 22, and 31 and in-person on September 6.

Registration for Transfer STEM Immersion closed June 15, 2022.


What is Transfer STEM Immersion?

Transfer STEM Immersion is a WISCIENCE program. It’s an orientation program for incoming transfer students interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math (STEM) disciplines. Transfer STEM Immersion begins with 4 days of events spread out in August and continues with events and informal gatherings during the academic year.

Who is Transfer STEM Immersion for?

Transfer STEM Immersion is designed for underrepresented STEM students who are transferring from 2-year institutions to UW–Madison. Students underrepresented in STEM include first-generation college students, women, and underrepresented minorities.

What will Transfer STEM Immersion do for me?

Transfer STEM Immersion is committed to:

    • Assisting incoming first-generation and underrepresented transfer students studying STEM at UW–Madison
    • Encouraging excitement about the breadth of potential STEM majors and STEM careers
    • Building community around students’ interest in STEM (these communities are reinforced through periodic gatherings throughout the first year)
    • Preparing students for academic success in STEM through academic support resources, high impact learning practices, and degree plans

    • Get integrated into the STEM community at UW–Madison
    • Connect with a support network of peers, upperclassmen, faculty, and advisors
    • Learn about the many STEM opportunities on campus
    • Prepare for academic success in STEM

Participating in STEM immersion will help Transfer students learn more about UW–Madison. They will get to meet students from UW–Madison and learn about their experiences including their academic experiences. Students also get to explore the resources that are available at UW–Madison.

Redeit Tesfu

Major: Computer Science

Transferred from: Madison College

STEM immersion taught me how to navigate campus, learn about the resources and opportunities at Madison, and provided me with a platform to connect with other students and faculty—even before I had my first class. The program aided in my transition to the university and was a tremendous force in opening my eyes to all of the possibilities the school has to offer in STEM. I encourage other students to participate in STEM immersion because being involved in campus will help you be a successful student. It will prepare you for campus life, and will support you in pursing a career in STEM.

Sarah Schlosser

Major: Biochemistry

Transferred from: College of Lake County Illinois

STEM Immersion was originally developed as MadBiology Bootcamp in 2010/11 by WISCIENCE, in partnership with the Center for the First-Year Experience. Initial funding was provided by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. In 2015, the program was expanded across STEM fields, with the support of a cross-campus collaboration including the College of Engineering and the Division of Diversity, Equity, and Educational Achievement. Transfer STEM Immersion was piloted in 2018 to support UW’s growing transfer student population.

Transfer STEM Immersion will take place online on August 18, 22, and 31 and in-person on September 6.

Participation in the Transfer STEM Immersion Program requires a commitment to the following:

  • Attendance and participation in all activities and submission of all assignments during the course of the program.


Transfer STEM Immersion is free, but space is limited, register by June 15, 2022.

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