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SIGNALS Projects, 2015–2019


* denotes NSF funded students

Aimee Clayton* SUNY College at Geneseo Comparing How the Behavior of the Alfalfa Leafcutter Bee and the Bumblebee Affect Gene Flow in Alfalfa Professor Johanne Brunet, Entomology  
Alexa Stampfli* Northland College Analyzing Growth in FMR1KO Mice in Response to a Soy-Based Diet Professor Cara J. Westmark, Neurology  
Ana Armenta Vega* San Diego City College Relationships Between Gene Expression in the Nucleus Accumbens and Pair Bonding Behavior in Zebra Finches Professor Lauren V. Riters, Integrative Biology  
Andreas Endresen* Elmira College Contrasting Self-Generated and Externally-Generated Auditory Input: An fMRI Survey of the Auditory Cortex Professor Caroline Niziolek, Communication Science & Disorders  
Damaris Nieves Torres* University of Puerto Rico–Ponce Expression of Robo1 and Slit2 is Altered in the Subventricular Zone Upon Demyelination Professor Jayshree Samanta, Comparative Biosciences  
David Urbina* University of Puerto Rico–Rio Piedras Response of Bumblebees to Management in Burned and Unburned Prairies Professor Claudio Gratton, Entomology  
Delia Zumpano College of New Jersey Characterization of Fe-S Cluster Regulation by a Novel Transcription Factor in Zymomonas mobilis Professor Patricia J. Kiley, Biomolecular Chemistry  
Derek Benson Amherst College The Genetic Basis of Wing-size in Drosophila melanogaster Professor John E. Pool, Genetics  
Edgar Robles* University of Puerto Rico–Cayey Discovering Binding Sites in the Intracellular Components of the Approximated Protein Professor Seth S. Blair, Integrative Biology  
Erica Irizarry Pagan* Universidad Ana G. Méndez, Carolina Campus Mechanisms of Environmental Enrichment in an Aging Rat Model of Tauopathy Professor Corinna Burger, Neurology  
Joshua Perez Torres* Universidad Ana G. Méndez, Carolina Campus Oxytocin Influences Androgen Receptor Expression Resulting in an Age-Dependent Effect on Mice Behavior Professor Anthony P. Auger, Psychology  
Lucy Nwagbuo University of South Florida Role of IQGAP1 in HPV-associated PI3 Kinase Signaling in the Context of Head and Neck Cancer Professor Paul F. Lambert, Oncology  
Mallory Spencer Shawnee State University Engineering Lactobacilli to Produce Lactate Esters from Conversion Residue Professor Ophelia Venturelli, Biochemistry  
Manuel Alvarez Arizona State University Understanding Anaerobic Metabolism of Respiro-fermenter Budding Yeast, Kluyveromyces lactis Professor Christopher T. Hittinger, Genetics  
Mariah Manter Brandeis University Exploring Firing Properties of Parvalbumin Positive Interneurons in CA1 Using a Hybrid Voltage Sensor Professor Meyer B. Jackson, Neuroscience  
Paola Miranda* University of Puerto Rico–Cayey Structure-function Analysis of Dachsous Intracellular Domain in Drosophila melanogaster Professor Seth S. Blair, Integrative Biology  
Pedro Estrada* San Diego City College The Effect of Electrolytes on Traumatic Brain Injury Outcomes in a Fly Model Professor David A. Wassarman, Genetics  
Rhiannon Abrahams* La Sierra University Characterizing the role of PASTA Kinase in Listeria monocytogenes Cytosolic Survival Professor John-Demian Sauer, Medical Microbiology  
Sebastian Bosch Skidmore College Protein A Enzymatic Requirements for Nodavirus Replication Complex Crown Formation Professor Paul G. Ahlquist, McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research  
2018 SIGNALS        
Aubrie Stricker Colorado College Roles of Cdc42 in growth cone invadosomes Professor Timothy M. Gomez, Neuroscience  
Austin VanDenTop* Grand Valley State University Investigation of atypical α-SNAP proteins in soybean Professor Andrew F. Bent, Plant Pathology  
Bryce Kirby Colorado College Parvalbumin interneuron network functional organization in medial entorhinal cortex Professor Meyer B. Jackson, Neuroscience  
Christina Ross Bob Jones University Mechanisms of intestinal enzyme induction in nestling house sparrow (Passer domesticus) Professor William H. Karasov, Forest & Wildlife Ecology  
Craig Kunkel* University of Wisconsin-Madison Effects of 2,4-dichlorphenoxyacetic (2,4-D) Acid Herbicide Formulation DMA4®IVM on White Crappie (Pomoxis anularis) Professor William H. Karasov, Forest & Wildlife Ecology  
Damayanti Rodriguez Ramos Interamerican University–Aguadilla Engineering Kluyveromyces lactis for anaerobic growth Professor Christopher T. Hittinger, Genetics  
Doran Durant Southern Utah University Detecting HIV & HPV DNA and RNA in singly and co-infected cells Professor Nathan M. Sherer, Oncology  
Emily Burns Bay Path University Using shRNAs to knock down the expression of the histone modifier EZH2 in epilepsy Professor Avtar S. Roopra, Neuroscience  
Emily Reed Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania Transcription-translation coupling in Z. mobilis in vivo Professor Robert C. Landick, Biochemistry  
Hannah Cournoyer Bay Path University Vimentin-mediated proteasome trafficking to protein aggregates Professor Darcie L. Moore, Neuroscience  
Ivelisse Cappielo Cosme* University of Puerto Rico–Ponce Can non-living systems respond to selection? Professor David A. Baum, Botany  
Jennifer Koehler Macalester College Screening microbial communities and isolated strains for neutral lipids on residue Professor Cameron Currie, Bacteriology  
Joanna Lum University of Maryland, Baltimore County Identifying novel regulators of DAXX-mediated retrotransposon silencing Professor Peter W. Lewis, Biomolecular Chemistry  
Juliet Santiago University of Florida Role of Homer1c and mGluR5 interactions in memory formation Professor Corinna Burger, Neurology  
Karla Anaya Aldrete* San Diego City College Inflammation of the brain in Tmem135 mutant mice Professor Akihiro Ikeda, Genetics  
Kristen Hirsch Loras College The inositol trisphosphate 3 receptor is a potential target for p7056 kinase Professor Corinna Burger, Neurology  
Lizbeth Camacho California State University–Northridge Characterization of the interaction between ISTL-1 and Exo70E2 in Arabidopsis Professor Marisa Otegui, Botany  
Luis Rodriguez Ramos* University of Puerto Rico–Mayaguez Directed evolution of EntF chimeric proteins Professor Michael G. Thomas, Bacteriology  
Mariah Dicksen* Western Illinois University Mutations identifying amino acids important to structure and function of Sindbis Virus Non-structural Protein 1 Professor Paul G. Ahlquist, McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research  
Megan Orr Brevard College Analyzing the rate of successful development at low temperatures in Drosophila melanogaster Professor John E. Pool, Genetics  
Miguel Lopez Cortes* University of Puerto Rico–Arecibo The influence of Toxoplasma gondii genes on host parasite infection metabolomics Professor Laura J. Knoll, Medical Microbiology  
Nassima Bouhenni* University of Pittsburgh Improving the efficiency of cell-free transcription-translation in bacteria Professor Silvia Cavagnero, Chemistry  
Nicole Woodhead* Albion College Effects of traumatic brain injury on the aging process of Drosophila melanogaster Professor David A. Wassarman, Genetics  
Oyinkansola Adenekan Washington University in St. Louis Multi-omics based characterization of GTP-induced death in Bacillus subtillis Professor Jue D. Wang, Bacteriology  
Rashika Budhathoki University of Virginia Maternal sleep apnea during pregnancy alters the peripheral immune reponse of adult offspring to an inflammatory challenge Professor Jyoti J. Watters, Comparative Biosciences  
Sara Minemyer University of Pittsburgh Does Fxr1 conditional knockout in PV+ cells affect the number of PV+ interneurons in the postnatal mouse PFC? Professor Xinyu Zhao, Neuroscience  
Sara Torres Robles San Diego State University Contributions of divisome proteins FtsB-FtsQ to bacterial cell division Professor Alessandro Senes, Biochemistry  
Sarah Isaac* Washington & Jefferson College Purposeful parental DNA in embryogenesis Professor Francisco J. Pelegri, Genetics  
Sierrra Strebe New Mexico State University Studying early development of oral microbial communities in dairy calves Professor Garret Suen, Bacteriology  
Silvette Ruiz Ramirez* University of Puerto Rico–Mayaguez Characterization of the antimicrobial activity of L. reuteri R2lc-encoded pksR2lc02 cluster using in vitro competition assays Professor Jan Peter van Pijkeren, Food Science  
Tamara Scott* Carleton College Follicular fluid contents may prevent fallopian tube epithelial cell anoikis via FAK Professor Pamela K. Kreeger, Biomedical Engineering  
2017 SIGNALS        
Aicha Quamine Cleveland State University A precision medicine approach to coorecting Long QT Syndrome using patient-derived cardiomyocytes Professor Gail A. Robertson, Neuroscience  
Amanda Martinez University of Texas–San Antonio Role of synaptogyrin in exocytosis and fusion pores Professor Meyer B. Jackson, Neuroscience  
Anna Schmidt University of Wisconsin-Madison Spatial and temporal distribution of mercury methylating microbes within Lake Mendota Professor Katherine D. McMahon, Civil & Environmental Engineering  
Ariel Sorg* Baylor University Metagenomic characterization of methylotrophic freshwater proteobacteria in Wisconsin, USA Professor Katherine D. McMahon, Civil & Environmental Engineering  
Astrid Rodriguez-Vélez* University of Puerto Rico–Mayaguez Development of a more efficient CRISPR/Cas9 knock-out method for critical genes in type II Toxoplasma gondii parasites Professor Laura J. Knoll, Medical Microbiology  
Avnika Bali Miami University The role of PI(3,4)P2 and PI(3,4,5)P3 in neural growth cone invadosomes Professor Timothy M. Gomez, Neuroscience  
Brianne Nunez Old Dominion University Does β4- β5 linker regulate benzodiazepine allosteric drug modulation of GABAA receptor function? Professor Cindy M. Czajkowski, Neuroscience  
Corey Andrews Georgia State University Identification of a phosphodiesterase isoform in T-stellate cells of the ventral cochlear nucleus Professor Donata Oertel, Neuroscience  
Daniel Osorio-Méndez University of Arizona Kinetics of MAP kinase activation in Arabidopsis Professor Patrick J. Krysan, Horticulture  
Elizabeth Gamillo* Alverno College Arabidopsis thaliana genes, SPDS1 and PLC4, have an effect on the cadaverine growth response pathway Professor Patrick H. Masson, Genetics  
Emily Perszyk Washington and Lee University Diminished contextual learning in autism spectrum disorder Professor Ari Rosenberg, Neuroscience  
Evan Knep Macalester College Investigating the relationship between juvenile social behaviors and phosphorylated synapsin in the rodent amygdala Professor Anthony P. Auger, Psychology  
Francis Ortega Mercado Macalester College CLUH: A potential regulator of mitochondria adaptation in AT-1 sTg and AT-1S113R/+ models Professor Luigi Puglielli, Medicine  
Janice Reynaga California State University Fullerton Elevating serotonin pre-partum alters hepatic energy metabolism in transitioning dairy cows Professor Laura L. Hernandez, Dairy Science  
Jennifer Tran Texas A & M University Transcriptional properties of drug-resistant mycobacterial RNA polymerase Professor Robert C. Landick, Biochemistry  
Jessica Pederson University of Wisconsin–Madison House Sparrow (Passer domesticus) digestive physiology: the ability to modulate sucrase, maltase and aminopeptidase-N Professor William H. Karasov, Forest & Wildlife Ecology  
Kimberly Gutierrez* University of Wisconsin–Platteville The role of Gasdermin D in inflammasome mediated host defense Professor John-Demian Sauer, Medical Microbiology  
Luisángely Soto Torres* University of Puerto Rico–Rio Piedras Influence of patch size and isolation distance on bumblebee residence Professor Johanne Brunet, Entomology  
Mark Horton Benedictine College Role of Pht1 phosphate transporters PtPT9 and PtPT12 in the maintenance of mycorrhizal associations in poplar Professor Jean-Michel M. Ané, Bacteriology  
Milon Hutchinson* Carlton College Mogat2 deletion attenuates diabetic phenotype in Ins2Akita mice Professor Chi-Liang Eric Yen, Nutritional Sciences  
Neil Poole* California State University Los Angeles Identifying biomarkers for traumatic brain injury in Drosophila Professor David A. Wassarman, Genetics  
Rachel Sundstrom* Drake University The role of Annexin 1 and 2 with the ESCRT machinery and endosomal trafficking in Arabidopsis thaliana Professor Marisa Otegui, Botany  
Sarea Recalde Phillips Pennsylvania State University Combined effects of tumor treating fields and microtubule-disrupting drugs in inhibiting glioblastoma proliferation Professor John S. Kuo, Neurological Surgery  
Shekina Gonzalez-Ferrer* University of Puerto Rico–Mayaguez Directed evolution of a nonribosomal peptide synthetase to be MbtH-like protein independent Professor Michael G. Thomas, Bacteriology  
Steven John* College of New Jersey Characterizing follicle development in Irx3 knockout mice Professor Joan S. Jorgenson, Comparative Biosciences  
Veronica Albrecht* Eastern Washington University Water transport from arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus to its host plant Professor Jean-Michel M. Ané, Bacteriology  
Yinghua Wang* Michigan State University Establishing a bacterial two-hybrid system and test the interactions between proteins in Type IV Pilus Professor Katrina Forest, Bacteriology  
2016 IBS-SRP        
Abigail Scullin* Upper Iowa University Investigating the interaction of novel HIV inhibitors with the HIV frameshift site Professor Samuel E. Butcher, Biochemistry  
Alice Szeliga Harvey Mudd College A computational framework and R package for predicting regulatory and expression-modulating eQTLs by leveraging MPRA data Professor Sunduz Keles, Statistics  
Anna Muhich* Gonzaga University Assessment of disease susceptibility in midwest cereal lines Professor Lucia Gutierrez Chacon, Agronomy  
Anthony Amolo Kenyon College Antibody fragments to probe hERG potassium channel gating Professor Gail A. Robertson, Neuroscience  
Aryel Clarke* University of Rochester Exploring the role of Munc13-4 in exosome release Professor Thomas F. J. Martin, Biochemistry  
B. Malique Jones Bennett College Effects of sodium azide on plants: Development of a system to measure active uptake of pharmaceuticals and personal care product ingredients Professor Joel A. Pedersen, Soil Science  
Berliza M. Soriano* University of Puerto Rico–Mayaguez Screening for a MLP-independent adenylation domain through directive evolution Professor Michael G. Thomas, Bacteriology  
Bikal Paudel Virginia Tech Evaluating inhibitory effects of DCG-IV on the dentate gyrus using hybrid voltage sensor (HVOS) Professor Meyer B. Jackson, Neuroscience  
Chris Muriel-Mundo Universidad Del Este Saccaromyces cerevisiae as a biosensor to study chemical mixtures and AHR Professor Christopher A. Bradfield, Oncology  
Edwin Jimenez Sanchez University of Puerto Rico–Aguadilla Dose response and time course of GDNF expression by AAV2 and AAV5 in rats Professor Corinna Burger, Neurology  
Dominic Gray Norfolk State University Conditional motif finding: An approach to cluster analysis of multi-dimensional time-series datasets Doctor Deborah Muganda-Rippchen, Center for Predictive Computational Phenotyping  
Dylan Cronin Bowling Green State University Temporal phosphorylation and network analysis of yeast signaling Professor Anthony Gitter, Biostatistics & Medical Informatics  
Gregory Desjarlais Madison College When winter kicks your grass: Identification of genes influencing cold tolerance in lowland switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) Professor Michael D. Casler, Agronomy  
Idanis Garcia Sanchez University of Puerto Rico–Ponce Using nanoneedles to improve CRISPR technology in C. elegans Professor Ahna R. Skop, Genetics  
Jack Gellerman University of Wisconsin–Madison Examining the role of imputed epigenomic signals on the prediction of long-range regulatory interactions Professor Sushmita Roy, Biostatistics & Medical Informatics  
Jesslyn Park Winthrop University Functional characterization of novel GH10 xylanases Professor Brian G. Fox, Biochemistry  
Jordan Brown* Ohio Wesleyan University Metabolomic and thermodynamic analyses of C. thermocellum strains engineered for high ethanol production Professor Daniel Amador-Noguez, Bateriology  
Jossiemar Perez Horta University of Puerto Rico–Mayaguez Determining the effect of dietary oxidized lipids consumption and immune response using swine model Professor Dhnansayan Shanmuganayagam, Animal Sciences  
Julio Cuevas Cruz University of Puerto Rico–Rio Piedras Predicting and validating targets of miRNA in Schwann cells Professor John P. Svaren, Comparative Biosciences  
Karla Martin Xavier University of Louisiana Phylogeography of East African Adansonia digitate Professor David A. Baum, Botany  
Kendra Musmaker Truman State University Defining a signaling module for vascular development in A. Thaliana Professor Marisa Otegui, Botany  
Kevin Liao University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill Comaring similarity measures over RNA-seq derived gene expression profiles Professor Colin N. Dewey, Biostatistics & Medical Informatics  
Kiara Rodriquez* University of Puerto Rico–Mayaguez Exploratory analysis of the correlation between fungal communities and common scab disease in potato tubers from Wisconsin Professor Richard Lankau, Plant Pathology  
Kimberley Aguilar Old Dominion University Structural and dynamic analysis of a ribosome-bound nascent protein Professor Silvia Cavagnero, Chemistry  
Lacey Lopez* University of Missouri–Columbia The contribution of the gut microbiota towards the development of atherosclerosis Professor Federico E. Rey, Bacteriology  
Luis Gutierrez* Estrella Mountain Community College Determining the function of GRHL2 in ER positive breast cancer cells Professor Elaine T. Alarid, Oncology  
Marissa Harjoe* University Of New Mexico Anchoring a sequence scaffold that encodes FLOWERING LOCUS T (FT) in the Brassica rapa (var. FPsc) genome Professor Richard M. Amasino, Biochemistry  
Meenakshi Nag Vassar College The interaction between Kin28 and Rai1 in the regulation of RNA synthesis Professor Aseem Z. Ansari, Biochemistry  
Melody Garcia Torres University of Puerto Rico–Humacao Co-translational interaction between delayed rectifier currents: hERG and KCNQ1 Professor Gail A. Robertson, Neuroscience  
Michael Trevino University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign Characterizing catecholamine expression in Pink1 KO model of Parkinson’s disease Professor Michelle R. Ciucci, Commmunication Sciences & Disorders  
Miguel Angel Rosas* California State University–San Marcos The subcellular localization of ion channels involved in plant-microbe symbioses Professor Jean-Michel M. Ané, Bacteriology  
Mykala Sobieck University of Wisconsin–Madison Microbes that methylate mercury Professor Katherine D. McMahon, Civil & Environmental Engineering  
N. Carolina Mendoza Cavazos California State University–Fullerton Generation of mannose binding molecular probes for the analysis of the human gut microbiota Professor Laura L. Kiessling, Chemistry  
Priscilla Prem Old Dominion University The physiological role of the microtubule associated protein tau in dendrites Professor Erik W. Dent, Neuroscience  
Rochely Luna-Serrano Universidad Del Este AHR endogenous ligands assessment using Saccharomyces cerevisiae as a biosensor Professor Christopher A. Bradfield, Oncology  
Ryan Brown* Nicholls State University Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI) and folic acid interact in the mammary gland to regulate calcium homeostasis during lactation Professor Laura L. Hernandez, Dairy Science  
Sai Batchu* College of New Jersey Maximizing tyrosine accumulation in Arabidopsis thaliana Professor Hiroshi Maeda, Botany  
Serge Aleshin-Guendel Boston College Predicting colorectal cancer risk using protein biomarkers Professor Mark W. Craven, Biostatistics & Medical Informatics  
Shelby Petersen University of Wisconsin–Madison Dietary modulation of pancreatic lipase in Northern Bobwhites (Colinus virginianus) Professor William H. Karasov, Forest & Wildlife Ecology  
Stephanie Krislov University of Wisconsin–Whitewater Developing a protocol for expressing and purifying alpha synuclein Professor Corinna Burger, Neurology  
Steven Queoff University of Wisconsin–Madison Investigating effects of herbivory on late-glacial vegetation change using Coprophilous fungal spores Professor Jack W. Williams, Geography  
Tamille Rhynes University of North Carolina at Pembroke Ischemia/re-oxygenation injury induces changes in cytokine expression in macrophages Professor Robert Dempsey, Neurological Surgery  
2015 SIGNALS        
Allison Dawson University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Investigation of an epigenetic role in epileptogenesis in KCNA1 mutant mice Professor Avtar S. Roopra, Neuroscience  
Amanda Dlugi Alverno College An RNAi-based suppressor screen reveals potential interactors of ATX-2 in C. elegans Professor Ahna R. Skop, Genetics  
Amarilys E.González Vázquez University of Puerto Rico-Aguadilla Effects of 2,4-D on final oocyte maturation in fathead minnow (Pimephales promelas) Professor William H. Karasov, Forest & Wildlife Ecology  
Andy Vega Caraballo University of Puerto Rico-Arecibo Bisphenol A exposure promotes gene expression change in prostate cancer Professor William A. Ricke, Urology  
Arman Siddiqui University of San Diego The functional role of the intrinsic ligand on EAG gating Professor Gail A. Robertson, Neuroscience  
Ayana McLeod Medgar Evers College Understanding the kinetics of lymphocyte activating ligands on cord blood derived B cells during early infection with lytic Epstein Barr virus (EBV) Professor Jenny E. Gumperz, Medical Microbiology  
Bryson Bellefeuille Western Washington University AHR-dependent effect of particulate matter on the inflammatory response of the lung Professor Joshua D. Mezrich, Surgery  
Christina Knutson Wartburg College Triggering actin remodeling through optogenetics Professor Matthew J. Merrins & Chetan Poudel, Medicine  
Colin Nelson University of Wisconsin-Whitewater An exploration of the modulating effects of D2 receptors on μ-opioid evoked impulsivity in rats Professor Brian A. Baldo, Psychiatry  
Darwin Ferng Vanderbilt University Munc13-4 regulates MT1-MMP exocytosis during cancer progression Professor Thomas F. J. Martin, Biochemistry  
Diana Macias University of Wisconsin-Madison Coordination of stem and leaf hydraulics in four co-occurring species Professor Katherine A. McCulloh, Botany  
Emily Balczewski Carleton College Spectral graph theory wavelet toolbox and neuroimaging applications Professor Vikas Singh, Biostatistics & Medical Informatics  
Erika Ramsden University of Wisconsin-Madison The effect of substrate and pH concentration on digestive intestinal enzymes of nestling house sparrows (Passer domesticus) fed different diets Professor William H. Karasov, Forest & Wildlife Ecology  
Evan C. Harris St. Mary’s College of Maryland Tradeoffs between industrial degradability and decomposition in Zea mays lines Professor Randall D. Jackson, Agronomy  
Gerardo Rodriguez-Orella University of Utah mGluR 2/3 agonist DCG-IV increases the epileptiform threshold in rat hippocampal dentate gyrus brain slices Professor Meyer B. Jackson, Neuroscience  
Gina L. Cardona-Acevedo University of Puerto Rico–Arecibo Transcription and regulation of 6S RNA in E. coli Professor Karen M. Wassarman, Bacteriology  
Glenda Valdez University of Wisconsin-Madison Tree distribution in Southern Michigan prior to EuroAmerican settlement Professor Jack W. Williams, Geography  
Jason West University of New Mexico–Albuquerque Understanding the molecular nature of electric organs Professor Michael R. Sussman, Biochemistry  
Jennifer L. Johnson University of Michigan-Ann Arbor Analyzing the electronic health record data-capture process Professor Eneida A. Mendonça, Biostatistics & Medical Informatics  
Jessica Lora University of Texas-Pan American Extracellular matrix components characterized in fetal testes–A potential role in steroidogenesis Professor Joan Jorgensen, Comparative Biosciences  
John Spaw Millikin University Visualizing inferred phylogenetic networks using Julia Professor Cécile M. Ané and Professor David Baum, Botany  
José Pagán-Muñoz University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez 1-butene oligomerization over dealuminated ferrierite Professor George W. Huber, Chemical & Biological Engineering  
Joseph Sauder Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico Comparing a novel method with a standard method in personalized medicine Professor Menggang Yu, Biostatistics & Medical Informatics  
Juan A. Hernández-Bird University of Massachusetts-Amherst Contribution of (p)ppGpp synthetases to the survival of Bacillus subtilis to stress Professor Jue D. Wang, Bacteriology  
Kamyra S. Edokpolor Bryn Mawr College Prostatic stromal cell composition changes in mice with hormone-induced urinary dysfunction Professor Chad M. Vezina, Comparative Biosciences  
Luis M. Rivera-Pérez University of Puerto Rico–Ponce Regulation of the development of human neurons by substratum elasticity Professor Timothy M. Gomez, Neuroscience  
Mariana Rui¬z-Belez Barry University Cre recombinase has no significant effect on dendritic complexity of cultured hippocampal neurons Professor Xinyu Zhao, Neuroscience  
Megan Seymour Oregon State University Soil pathogen fine-root dynamics of peach orchard replant Professor Amaya Atucha, Horticulture  
Nancy Garcia St. Mary’s University of San Antonio Increasing the stiffness of the extracellular matrix increases PRL signals to ERK1/2 in ER alpha-positive mouse mammary cancer cell lines Professor Linda A. Schuler, Comparative Biosciences  
Nathaniel Henning Hamline University Developing reverse genetic tools to study SUMOylation in Zea mays Professor Richard D. Vierstra, Genetics  
Neydis Moreno University of Wisconsin-Madison Expression of an insoluble histidine kinase portion of a bacteriophytochrome from Ramlibacter tataouinensis Professor Katrina Forest, Bacteriology  
Nicholas Escanilla Lake Forest College Finding gene-disease associations when hidden by gene-gene interactions Professor C. David Page, Biostatistics and Medical Informatics  
Oxmara Barrera Texas A&M International University Screening of aryl hydrocarbon receptor ligands as novel chemopreventive agents for colorectal cancer Doctor Gregory Kennedy, Surgery  
Patricia Walker Southern Illinois University-Carbondale Finding connections between metabolism and biofilm transcriptional networks Professor Daniel Amador-Noguez, Bacteriology  
Pha Tran California State University-Long Beach Protein expression variation between papillary and glandular ERα+ mammary carcinomas Professor Linda A. Schuler, Comparative Biosciences  
Rey Hernández-Rodríguez University of Puerto Rico–Río Piedras Effects of TAT peptide and membrane bending energy in Ca2+-triggered exocytosis of chromaffin cells Professor Meyer B. Jackson, Neuroscience  
Sarah Jayawardene Loyola Marymount University Role of zinc finger in a C. elegans stem cell regulator Professor Judith Kimble, Biochemistry  
Savannah Mills Lake Erie College Determining the most synergistic ratio of an enzyme cocktail for the hydrolysis of Cu(AHP) poplar seed in bioethanol synthesis Professor Brian G. Fox, Biochemistry  
Sayo E. McCowin University of Maryland-Baltimore County A DNA-based launch system for alphavirus manipulation Professor Paul G. Ahlquist, Virology  
Sean W. Rogers University of Missouri Functions of the yeast Sub2 DECD motif and its role in spliceosome subunit assembly Professor Aaron A. Hoskins, Biochemistry  
Shanika Kingston Barry University Preliminary results for an estrogen receptor heterodimer inducing compound Professor Wei Xu, Oncology  
Tanner K. Byer Pomona College Covalent cross-linking uncovers novel targets of Kin28 and Bur1 Professor Aseem Z. Ansari, Biochemistry  
Theresa Devasia University of Georgia Impact of modeling assumptions on county health rankings Professor Ronald E. Gangnon, Population Health Sciences  
Thomas Bekman New College of Florida A Novel in vitro assay for Parkinson’s Disease Professor Corinna Burger, Neurology  
Tiffany Nguyen North Carolina Central University Defective GST-theta activity in canine livers Professor Lauren A. Trepanier, Medical Sciences  
Vir D. Patel Duke University Computationally predicting enhancer-promoter interactions in cell types from early development Professor Sushmita Roy, Biostatistics & Medical Informatics  
Zabdiel Alvarado-Martínez University of Puerto Rico-Arecibo 5-hydroxytryptophan infusion in dairy cows will induce change in milk calcium levels, and mammary gland alveoli size and number Professor Laura L. Hernandez, Dairy Science  
Zully E. Contreras-Correa University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez Comparison of bacterial and fungal xylose isomerases for the production of biofuels by Saccharomyces cerevisiae Professor Trey K. Sato, Wisconsin Energy Institute  

* NSF funded students