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STEM Immersion

STEM Immersion is offered each year by WISCIENCE at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. It is designed to help incoming first-generation and underrepresented students majoring in a STEM field transition into college life and achieve academic success. Over the course of 3 full days during the summer and events during the academic year, students become immersed into the expectations of life as a STEM student at UW–Madison, gain useful knowledge about the campus, and build support networks to help ensure success in student life and in academics. Open to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines, STEM Immersion offers participants an immersive orientation opportunity.

What is STEM Immersion?

STEM Immersion is a WISCIENCE program. It’s an immersive orientation experience for underrepresented and first-generation incoming students interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math (STEM) disciplines. STEM Immersion begins with a 3-day program in August and continues with events and informal gatherings during the academic year.

Who is STEM Immersion for?

STEM Immersion is designed for underrepresented groups in STEM. Those groups include first-generation college students, women, and underrepresented minorities.

What will STEM Immersion do for me?

STEM Immersion is committed to:

    • Assisting incoming first-generation and underrepresented students studying STEM at UW–Madison
    • Encouraging excitement about the breadth of STEM majors and STEM careers
    • Building community around students’ interest in STEM (these communities are reinforced through periodic gatherings throughout the first year)
    • Preparing students for academic success in STEM through academic support resources, high impact learning practices, and degree plans

    • Move onto campus early (Early move-in is decided by Housing. As of now, early move-in is still happening and available for our participants but things are changing often. Please visit the campus Housing office webpage for the most up to date information regarding early move-in instructions.)
    • Get integrated into the STEM community at UW–Madison
    • Connect with a support network of peers, upperclassmen, faculty, and advisors
    • Learn about the many STEM opportunities on campus
    • Prepare for academic success in STEM

Greg Francis
WISCIENCE’s STEM Immersion was an essential part of my transition into college. The program directed me to STEM resources available on campus, provided me with the opportunity to connect with established science professionals, and pushed me to build relationships with like-minded STEM majors. As a rising sophomore, my STEM immersion experience has surely left a lasting, positive mark on my professional and personal life.

— Greg Francis, STEM Immersion 2017

STEM Immersion made my transition to college exceptionally smooth by helping me acclimate to campus and giving me the information necessary to navigate STEM spaces. Beyond my first year, the program has continued to provide me with community support and growth and leadership opportunities by becoming a STEM Immersion Leader and eventually Student coordinator. I have made friends and connections through this program that will stay with me long after I graduate.

— Jenny Day, STEM Immersion 2014

University of Wisconsin–Madison

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