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BioHouse Seminar

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Students in the BioHouse Community
The BioHouse Seminar is an introduction to how biology can help solve society's pressing issues. You'll interact with faculty and staff scientists and connect with relevant campus resources and research opportunities.
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BioHouse Residential Learning Community student

Fall 2019 Schedule: 

T 5:00–6:15

Integrated Science 110: BioHouse Seminar: Biology for the 21st Century

How do biologists keep up with new technologies and with knowledge that is increasing exponentially? How can they understand work that happens half a world away and at the intersections between emerging disciplines they many never have heard of? Being a biologist in the 21st century requires a new skill set. You need to be able to connect research to real issues and think about practical applications.

This 1-credit seminar course will introduce you to the many subdisciplines and careers in biology and illustrate how biology can help solve society’s pressing issues. Invited faculty speakers and small group discussions will help you explore the role of biology in the context of modern research.