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Engage Children in Science
Engage children in ways that can be transformational—you could inspire someone to be a scientist! Learn about the process of learning, the needs and learning styles of children, how to teach the process of science, and how to evaluate informal (non-classroom) learning experiences. Then practice what you learn by helping lead an after- school science club, reflecting on your learning and sharing with your peers along the way.
Entering Research Course Series
Maximize your undergraduate research experience in STEM by taking this series of one-credit seminars alongside. Learn how to cultivate a productive mentor/mentee relationship, design your experience to meet your goals, and gain understanding of the larger world of research and scientific exchange.
Exploring Biology
Exploring Biology is a two-credit lecture/discussion course for first-year students interested in the biosciences. Get an overview of major concepts in college-level biology, learn about options at UW-Madison, connect biology to real life issues, and open your eyes to the variety of work that biologists do in the world. Explore majors, careers, beyond-the-classroom experiences like research and public service, and find your place in the bigger landscape.
Exploring Discipline-Based Leadership
Leading as a scientist has unique issues and challenges, so invest in the training you need to excel with peers in your field. This one-credit seminar for peer leaders in science is part of the IMPACT Peer Leaders program. Build practical peer leadership and mentoring skills, and join a community of peers who can provide support and additional insight as you evaluate and reflect on your personal experiences. Challenge and learn from each other as you explore leadership!
Exploring Service in Science Course
You can start making a difference in the world right now and apply the knowledge you’re gaining in your other classes! This one-credit seminar lets you explore science outreach in areas like education, health, and the environment.
Research Mentor Training Seminar
The Research Mentor Training seminar, offered in collaboration with the Delta program, gives you space to reflect and reinvigorate and provides concrete tools to support a successful mentor/mentee relationship. The course is designed for graduate students, postdocs, and senior undergraduates who are mentoring an undergraduate, and it's meant to be taken alongside as you mentor, so you get just-in-time support and can try out what you're learning.
Scientific Teaching For TAs
Designed for newer TAs with assistantships in bioscience courses, this course provides essential information about active learning, diversity, and assessment, as well as creating a community of colleagues. Meant to be taken concurrently with a TA assignment.
Secrets of Science Course
A two-credit seminar for first-year students to explore the processes of science and become informed consumers of science in the media.
Ways of Knowing Biology Course
The Exploring Research course, formally Ways of Knowing Biology course for first‐year students focused on exposing students to biological sciences research at UW‐Madison and consisted of faculty presentations about research, mini‐field trips to labs (research explorations) and graduate student shadowing experiences.