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Scientific Teaching for TAs

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Integrated Science: Scientific Teaching for TAs


Part of the Wisconsin Program for Scientific Teaching

Will you be a teaching assistant (TA) for a bioscience course in the upcoming semester, and is this only your first or second time?

This one-credit course designed especially for newer TAs will help you gain the skills you need to excel. Get just-in-time support as you work with students, share experiences and innovative ideas with colleagues, and enhance your knowledge about teaching and learning so you can be more effective in the classroom. 

Find answers to questions like these:

  • How does learning work?
  • Who are my students, and how can I better engage them?
  • How can I give students feedback that fosters learning but not drown myself in grading?
  • What are "essential learning outcomes" and "high-impact practices," and how can I incorporate them into my teaching?

Note: This course is designed for graduate students and is meant to be taken concurrently with a teaching assistantship in a bioscience course.