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Scientific Teaching for TAs

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This one-credit course, designed especially for newer STEM TAs, will help you gain the skills you need to be effective and efficient in the classroom.
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Must be a TA in a STEM course concurrently


Fall 2021:

  • Thurs. 2:30 – 4:00 p.m.

This course aims to help new TAs gain skills in scientific teaching to be effective and efficient in their roles. You will get just-in-time support as you work with students, share experiences and innovative ideas with fellow TAs, and enhance your knowledge about teaching and learning. The course focuses on learning the core themes of scientific teaching (active learning, assessment, and diversity) and applying them to the courses that TAs are teaching.

This course will address questions such as: 

  • How does learning work?
  • Who are my students, and how can I better engage them? 
  • How can I give students feedback that fosters learning? 
  • How can I create a positive learning environment?
  • How can I teach efficiently (to balance teaching with research) and effectively?

The course is especially appropriate for new TAs, or TAs with limited teaching experience. TAs teaching all levels and types of STEM courses are welcome to participate.


Quotes from past students:

“I really enjoyed having a place to discuss my teaching with my peers and to gain strategies to improve my teaching.”

“I gained a lot of skills on how to incorporate active learning into my teaching, skills in lesson planning, and skills on how to create a classroom that is engaging and inclusive for all students.” 

“This class covered the principles of scientific teaching very well. I feel I have walked out with a good understanding of how to effectively teach students and how to incorporate active learning, course alignment, assessment strategies, and diversity/inclusion.” 

“Participating in this course provided incredibly important information about how to become a better teacher. I appreciated that I could build community with other TAs.”

Cara Theisen, PhD

Director of Professional Development in Teaching & Learning
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445 Henry Mall

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Currently I am course director for:
Exploring Biology (Integsci 100)
Secrets of Science (Integsci 375)