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Water for Everyone

Water for Everyone was a statewide partnership providing training, expert information and a database of scientific resources and educational materials to help leaders and trainers within organizations that monitor Wisconsin's rivers and streams. Through a series of statewide workshops, the program trained 100 leaders to gather data, to help their organizations serve as models for other water monitoring programs, to increase the recruitment and retention of participants, and to help people understand the complex nature of aquatic systems. These leaders trained approximately 800 volunteers. A database of more than 50 state and county agencies and organizations was developed, along with educational materials. UW‐Madison and UW‐System faculty and staff and state Department of Natural Resources scientists contributed to the project. The program existed from 2004‐06. Water for Everyone is now a part of the UW–Extension/ Department of Natural Resources Advanced Stream Ecology training materials disseminated via the Water Action Volunteers.