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Cross-Campus Biological Sciences Advisor

WISCIENCE (then known as the Center for Biology Education) created the position of Cross-Campus Biological Sciences Advisor in 1993. This advisor served students who were undeclared or wishing to change majors within the biological sciences. UW-Madison has more than 30 undergraduate majors in the biological sciences, spread across six schools/colleges. In addition, there are three different introductory course series in biology, which do not count equally toward all majors. Students in the biological sciences usually have to cross college boundaries for undergraduate research and other beyond-the-classroom experiences as well. Without a college or department of biology, there was no central source of information about options in the biological sciences that included information from all schools/colleges, so students had to assemble the information themselves. The biological sciences advisor position was created to help with that issue and to bring biological sciences advisors from across campus together to share resources and information.

In 2013 the position was moved to the newly created Office of Undergraduate Advising, and in 2015 it was eliminated, with some of the functions taken over by the newly formed Biology Advising Team and by advisors across campus.