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Undergraduate Research and Mentoring Program (URM)

About the Program

Finding solutions to today’s complex problems like global warming, the spread of infectious diseases, and the uses of nanotechnology requires knowledge from many disciplines. URM fellows learn interdisciplinary approaches to studying these types of problems and prepare themselves to become the next generation of scientists working to solve them.

Fellows participate in a 3-year program to prepare for admission and success in graduate school and careers in research. It offers a year-round, monthly stipend and the opportunity to learn to do research under the guidance of trained mentors. In addition, the fellows form and lead an interdisciplinary undergraduate learning community through shared course-work, monthly meetings, and leadership activities.

The URM program is no longer accepting new participants.

URM Fellows
Fellow Research Mentor
Ali Bramson   Eric Wilcots
Alisha David Stressing Environmental Factors on Miscanthus to Test Sustainability Chris Kucharik
Neha Hasan Nutrient Sensitive Regulatory Pathways in Aging and Age-Associated Disease Rozalyn Anderson
Alisa King Growth and Filament Formation by Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium strain M-09-0001A-1 under stressful conditions Amy Wong
Gabrielle Lehrer-Brey Effects of round gobies on invertebrate populations in streams Jake Vander Zanden
Joshua Sanchez Neural Basis of Consciousness Giulio Tononi
Sonia Carey Comparing motility of Proteus mirabilis swimmer and swarmer cells in viscous media Doug Weibel
Mary Walton Natural Product Synthesis  Richard Hsung
Mehmet Badur Effects of Substrate Stiffness on Contractility of Human Embryonic and Induced Pluripotent-derived Cardiomyocytes Sean Palecek
Taylor Banh Deficiency of MGAT2 Leads to Obligate Increase in Energy Expenditure Eric Yen
Yuli Chen  VEGE Regulation of Granulomas formation and T-Cell activation in Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Matyas Sandor
Margaret Debrauske Ice Crystallization in Freezers using Computational Dynamics  Rich Hartel
Momodou Jammeh Signaling requirements for the generation of CD8+ T cell memory M Suresh
Eric Allen Rhodium-mediated domino lactonization Steven Burke
Tom Bryan Interspecific RNAi as a method for reverse fungal genetics in Glomus intraradices and Daucus carota Jean-Michel Ané
Margaret Durow Analyzing charcoal pigments in lake sediments to reconstruct historical records of fire Sara C. Hotchkiss
Alberto Guerra Fatty-Acyl Carnitine Mediated Insulin Secretion Allan D. Attie
Yamini Karandikar Effects of climate change on insect-plant relations Ezra Schwartzberg
Emily Lingeman Abortive cycling in the transcription process Tom Record
Jeanet Ugalde The Use of bumetanide to inhibit astrocyte proliferation and pain induction following spinal cord injury Daniel K. Resnik


Janet Branchaw

Director of WISCIENCE, Assistant Professor of Kinesiology
Contact Info

(608) 262-1182


Room 109

445 Henry Mall

Madison, WI 53706-1577

Ph.D., 1996, Physiology, University of Wisconsin - Madison
M.S., 1993, Physiology, University of Wisconsin - Madison
B.S., 1990, Zoology, Iowa State University

Past Programs, Projects, and Classes
  • Integrated Biological Sciences Summer Research Program (IBS-SRP)
  • Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Research and Mentoring (URM) Program
  • Entering Research course series
  • Entering Mentoring seminar
  • 2009 - 10 Biology Scholars Research Residency Fellow
  • Biocore 323, Organismal Biology
  • Mentor Training Adaptation for STEM Disciplines
  • Ways of Knowing Biology course
  • Creating a Collaborative Learning Environment
  • CALS 388 - Honors in Research Seminar
  • Physiology 335 - Human Physiology
  • Physiology 720 - Medical Physiology
  • Anatomy 437 - Human Anatomy - Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy
Committees, Collaborations, Affiliations
  • UW-Madison Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP)
  • Wisconsin Alliance for Minority Participation (WiscAMP)
  • CIRTL/Delta
  • College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Honors in Research Committee
Invited Workshops / Selected Publications
  • 2008 – Mentor & Mentee Training Workshop, University of Texas – El Paso
  • 2008 - Entering Mentoring Presentation, National Academies Summer Institutes
  • 2008 – Entering Mentoring Presentation, UW-Madison Symposium on Teaching & Learning
  • 2006, 2007, 2008 – Mentoring Training Workshop, Arizona State University
  • Pfund, C., Maidl Pribbenow, C., Branchaw, J.L., Miller Lauffer, S., and Handelsman, J. (2005) The Merits of Mentor Training, Science 311:473-474.
About Me

When not teaching animal physiology or working to improve undergraduate biology education, I enjoy spending time with my family, swimming, and reading.