Service with Youth in STEM

Integrated Science Special Topics: Service with Youth in STEM

Integrated Science 375, section 004

Two-semester series, 2 credits per semester, for undergraduates or graduate students; Part of the Adult Role Models in Science (ARMS) program

Engage children in ways that can be transformational—you could inspire someone to be a scientist!

Learn about the process of learning, the needs and learning styles of children, how to teach the process of science, and how to evaluate informal (non-classroom) learning experiences. Then practice what you learn by helping lead an after- school science club, reflecting on your learning and sharing with your peers along the way. This course helps you:

  • Learn about mutually beneficial community partnerships
  • Expand your cultural literacy by working with underserved groups
  • Make use of what you're learning in your science courses right now
  • Expand your appreciation of science, particularly its impact on our daily lives
  • Explore mentoring as a part of the scientific process
  • Live the Wisconsin Idea


This two-semester series begins in the fall and continues through spring. Each semester, students work with after-school program staff to co-lead an after-school science club in the community. Activities typically revolve around an annual theme, such as “Energy” or “Engineering.” Ideas for lessons and activities around the theme are provided, but students can also find or develop activities based on their interests. Students continuing into the spring semester often work on developing new science activities.

Instructors include UW–Madison faculty and staff as well as representatives of partner organizations in the community.

The ARMS Program

The course is part of the Adult Role Models in Science (ARMS) program, a partnership program that promotes engagement in science by helping adults become scientific role models for children.

More about Dolly Ledin

Dolly Ledin

Program Director, Adult Role Models in Science
Contact Info

(608) 263-4840


Room 104B

445 Henry Mall

Madison, WI 53706

As Director of the Adult Role Models in Science (ARMS) program, I work to engage scientists in reaching out to the community, and I work to engage youth and adults in the process of science. I have been with WISCIENCE at UW-Madison for more than 25 years, and I have also worked as an elementary and middle school teacher, an environmental educator with the Wis. Dept. of Natural Resources, and an adjunct faculty member with University of Wisconsin Stevens Point.

Most of my work has focused on the Madison community, building long-term partnerships between the university, local K-12 schools and organizations that serve youth. I have also led environmental science courses for teachers in Puerto Rico, led university students on a study-abroad course in rural Ecuador, and spent a year as the environmental education coordinator at the Cloud Forest School in Monteverde, Costa Rica. 

I received my MS in Land Resources from UW Madison Institute for Environmental Studies (now the Nelson Institute).